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As you guys know, I love skin care….I have had terrible skin from the age of twelve and when my doctor suggested going on Roaccutane my mum immediately started to freak out and envisioned me necking myself cause ‘High School’ so dragged my tweenage arse off to every single beauty counter in David Jones to try and fix my skin instead (much to my annoyance…just gimme that fucking pill). Fast forward two decades and I still have bad skin (complete with heavy scarring from my teen years which wouldn’t have happened with six months of Roaccutane Mum!) but I am now a skin care fanatic, have tried most of the products on the market and am pretty knowledgeable about these products and the skin that we all live in. After sharing some anti-aging tips last week on the ‘gram there was an influx of dm’s requesting more information so I thought I would blog about it so I can explain things in more depth compared to a caption.

So, to start us off on our Anti-Aging Series I thought I would share some anti-aging tips that are not skin care based and are accessible to everyone through their lifestyle, when you hear anyone discussing anti-aging the first natural link is to think of skin care products, and although I am a HUGE fan of skin care products some brands are not accessible to everyone (like who the fuck can constantly afford La Mer and 111 Skin and facials – please hit me up if you can cause I want to know your secrets). Before we start I should mention that getting as much sleep as you can (I am a huge supporter of naps), drinking more water than Margaritas and zero smoking are givens to the happiest and healthiest of skins!

Swap To Silk Pillowcases

I have to admit, I actually didn’t invest in my silk pillowcases for Anti-Aging reasons – after a previous hair disaster (not last years, the one before that – I am unlucky with hairdressers clearly) I read that silk pillowcases are more gentle on the hair and was adding to cart before I even finished the paragraph. Silk is not only kinder on your hair compared to cotton pillowcases but it also absorbs less, which is great because it won’t steal as much product off your face as your sleep (like sneaky thieving cotton does) and it also is softer and cause less sleep creases when you awake…which is great for me cause I am restless AF and use to wake up with a new facial cheek pattern every morning (I am a stomach sleeper which is also bad for your wrinkles but honestly when I am asleep I have no control over what my body is doing)

Considering the average person spends a third of their life in bed (and that is the average person, I am a person who LOVES naps so that would be even higher) it was an easy investment to make. I purchased the Shhh Silk Pillowcases cause I loved the Marble Print but I have heard great things about Slip Pillowcases also. I am actually about to purchase another set cause I like to wash my pillowcases every three days (this helps control my breakouts) and it is too much stress to wash and dry them in the same day, I need a spare set (#firstworldproblems) so you can tell I really like them…I will probs stick with the Shhh Silk range as I first purchased my Black Marble Pillowcases that are pictured in 2016 and they are still as good as the day I purchased.

Double Check That Make Up Application

Confession, I am TERRIBLE at applying my make up and what I am about to suggest is something that I struggle with on the reg!! Eye wrinkles and sagging are enhanced when you pull your skin when you apply eye make up so DO NOT pull at your skin…and honestly I CANNOT apply eyeliner without doing this. I seriously think I need to book in to a one on one at Mecca so the amazing make up angels can share all their sorcery with me.

The skin around the eye is super fragile and defs does not appreciate been pulled tighter for a more even cat eye appearance, I would even be confident in guessing it doesn’t give a flying fuck what my cateye looks like, it just wants to be left in peace every morning during my make up application. If you can learn to apply make up (and skin care) without pulling or tugging at your skin your elastin levels will be glowing compared to mine.

Also, you can very clearly see some of my acne scars (and dog bite scars – I was bitten on the face when I was two) in the above photo…you need to remember when looking at this I have a. a shit tonne of make up on and b. this has been heavily filtered and you can still see them which shows you the level of scarring I am dealing with when I discuss with you.

Always Remember Your Reading Glasses

Squinting = Wrinkles. Glasses = No Squinting. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR GLASSES!

As we all age our eye sight usually declines (especially now that so many jobs involved a heavy amount of screen time, but we will get to that in a paragraph or two) but because I was a brat and didn’t book a yearly optometrist appointment I developed a very distinctive 11 (two vertical forehead wrinkles in between my eyebrows that look like an 11) by age Twenty Fucking Five (#shame) so I did what any vain bitch would do and ran and cried to my boss who booked me a botox appointment and hightailed it to the optometrist across the road (that lunch break) and got myself some glasses – which I now wear when I read and when I sew.

The moral to this is always see an optometrist every year to track your sight, if you have great sight (or glasses to give you great sight) there will be less squinting and therefore less wrinkles anddddddd preventitive botox when you are young can correct the bratty 11 wrinkles so no harm, no foul for all my Lakers fans out there (I will go into more detail about botox in a future Anti-Aging Series Post for all my treatment lovers)

Always Remember Your Sun Glasses (and a hat)

Remember what we just went over….Squinting = Wrinkles. Glasses = No Squinting. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR SUNGLASSES! ESPECIALLY IN THE SUN! ESPECIALLY IN AUSTRALIA!!

Honestly, the sun in Australia is especially brutal and you need anything and everything to stop the sun squints. Always keep a pair on sunglasses on you – or in your handbag, or in your car, or in your gym bag, or in the dog walking bag or a spare pair in all the places mentioned like I do! I am a super forgetful bitch and nothing brings me more regret than forgetting my sunglasses, it can make afternoon outdoor wines the worst experience in the world. As we went through before, the more you squint the worse the wrinkles and UV Rays are the devil when it comes to aging so as much protection as you can get around the most fragile skin areas will help keep you looking fresh faced and aging like a fine wine!! Sunscreen, Make up and Hats are also added barriers to UV Rays and the Sun Squints!!

Invest In Screen Glasses

When I was a child and use to try and stay up later than I should have to watch the latest episode of Beverly Hills 90210 (#teamdylan) my Mum would catch me and love to lecture me about the tee vee screen will make my eyes square…although she didn’t know it at the time (she was just trying to stop me learning about sex too early) she was totally correct.

Blue Light (high energy, short wave length light) that is emitted from all our screens is not only ruining our eye sight but it is also aging our skin…it can cause more pigmentation, redness and inflammation than that of the same amount of UVA rays (sun) and as someone who pretty much lives in front of a screen for work and loves a good netflix binge for play and loves a lengthy instagram scroll to procrastinate and who actively avoids the sun because of the damage it causes this horrified me. There is also a tiny study that has been done that showed that Blue Light can stimulate free radicals in the skin (free radicals in the skin = accelerated aging) but this is only a tiny study so I wouldn’t rely heavily on this information in an argument but I thought it was interesting enough to include.

Enter The Book Club Screen Glasses, I stumbled upon them one ShopBop sale where I was trying to find a cheap $20 item to get me to then next sale level so I could get 25% off instead of 20% (because spending money savesssss money) and it turns out they were the best sale item I have ever purchased. I rarely use my computer or phone (or watch tee vee or go to the cinema) without them now…I am not sure about the anti-aging affects as yet but I have noticed a significant difference in getting less headaches, waking up without migraines, getting a full night sleep and not waking up as much.

These were a fucking GAME CHANGER!! I am about to buy two more pair (these and these) cause, as I mentioned previously I am forgetful AF and need spare pairs in my handbag, at my desk and my bedside table for my before sleep instagram scroll.

Reading about all the screen damage as also encouraged me to stop using my phone so much (I also read a book about iPhone attachment which you can read about here) so I turned off ALL my notifications (this might sound like a small step but this is a huge fucking leap for me-kind) and am trying to limit use by keeping my phone on silent…so apologies if I have been replying later than usual to y’all.

You Are What You Eat

It is so annoying but that old proverb, “you are what you eat” is also a thousand percent correct! Like, literally you are what you eat – our cells are constantly healing, repairing, rebuilding and reproducing new ones and the products that the cells use to make new ones is the food (the Bunnings to our cells if you will) we put into our bodies – the human body is basically a fluro vest filled construction site twenty four seven and my Bunnings aisles would defs have a lot of Margaritas (so I am probs 7% tequila at this point)

So every cell has a different expiry date (some last a few days like stomach cells, others last a few months like blood cells) the skins turnover rate is about one month – which is why your aesthetician or facialist will recommend a monthly facial. To keep your skin (and whole body) operating at it’s peak you need to supply your body’s Bunnings with the right supplies to get the fluro wearing cells the best quality tools to make the best quality you. For example, after a huge month partying and living on Margaritas, Coronas and hungover Oporto feasts my Bunnings aisles are filled with lots of sugar, processed foods, Tequila and minimal nutrients which is why my skin looks dull and a bit gross compared to a month of balanced eating which for me would be filled with Smoothies, Taco Bowls, Salads, Roast Veggies, Water and Margaritas (cause a girl gotta live) that would fill my Bunnings aisles with vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, carbohydrates healthy fats and a little bit of Tequila for fun.

Now I am not saying that you need to eat every meal super healthy, eliminate all sugar and alcohol (although that would really fucking help) and never eat carbs again cause that isn’t living. Just be mindful and live with balance (I aim for 80% to 20% cause I love pizza, beer and football eves) and try and get more high nutrient food compared to low nutrient food. Everything you eat is made of nutrients so there is no ‘bad food’ but making sure you opt in for higher value nutrient food will keep your Bunnings aisles full of higher quality options for your worker bee cells and that will have you lit from within in no time.

If you honestly think I am bullshitting about this, since skin cells have a 30 day turnover try subbing out some low nutrient food for high nutrient food the next month and see the difference – make sure you take a selfie on day one to compare to day thirty and you will defs see a result. I can go into more depth about food like what foods are the best but this is the basic concept and honestly, your body is built to guide the way…listen to your taste buds, they will tell you what your body does and doesn’t need (like…your taste is a disguise for your basic body needs)! That is what they were designed for.

Keep Moving

Exercise is probably the great anti-ager around town! It keeps your entire body happy because you are doing what it was born to do – move.

This is probably a ‘duhhhhh’ one but some people are probs tired or hungover so it needed to be listed. Exercise (in your favourite form so you keep motivated and do it daily…I personally love Walking, Yoga, Pilates and Netball) will keep your muscles strong and therefore your skin taught (less sagging = winning). By constantly moving even as you do age you will keep the body in peak condition – the oxygen required for exercise will do some amazing things for your lungs, heart and muscles and is a natural endorphin which will keep you happier (also the greatest anti-ager around town).

I have recently started to incorporate some HIIT workouts to my weekly workout routine and although I am hating them at the moment…they are hard and they hurt, I read a study that said they are the best anti-aging workout you can do. Since I am only one week one I cannot report back but give me twelve weeks and hopefully a Kim Kardashian hot body and I will let you know my thoughts.

Stop Using Straws

I know we don’t this anyway now that we are aware of the damage that plastics have on our environment (well, at least most of the time as we do with our water bottles and our coffee cups) but slowly back away from your bamboo and metal straws too. That tight ‘O’ shape that you force your lips into to use a straw is a wrinkle making trap – the skin around your mouth is as fragile as the skin around your eye and one of the first places that we show signs of aging (along with our hands) so if we minimize the shape (and stick to smiling) you will reduce the risk of wrinkles..however I am the first to admit that once I am three margaritas deep I think a straw is a great idea to prevent my lipstick smudging everywhere and I can NEVER say no to a Chocolate Milkshake post blood donation (#thisiswhyimfat)

Side note – if you are at the age (hello, it me) where you have invested in an eye cream, use the same cream around your mouth – cause both areas are similar in fragility and thinness they both need that extra moisture and thickness that that eye creams provide. (I sometimes also use cuticle cream in these areas if I have run out of eye cream cause it is extra thick and protective…it is especially helpful in Winter if I have wind burn or the cold is extra brutal)

Stalk Your Parentals Old Photos

The best (and cheapest) tip I give to everyone that is starting to get involved in anti-aging products is stalk your parents old photos – really look at your face and their faces and figure out which one you take after the most (I take after my dad, pictured here…as you can see we have red hair and pasty AF skin in common, as you can not see we also have the same nose but as dad had broke his five times prior to this photo been taken it is hard to compare).

Most aging ‘indicators’ – wrinkles, tear trough, skin type, hair type – are all genetic gifts sent your way by your parents so by comparing yourself to whom you look like the most you can almost map out how and when you will start seeing these aging signs (give or take, I have been looking after my skin more than my dad did at this age so I am probs two or three years behind him on skin indicators which you can see clearly here). Ask your parent about when they noticed they lost elasticity, went grey, even started going through menopause…the apple seriously doesn’t fall far from the tree (although my dad cannot help me with menopause his mum had really bad PCOS like I have but didn’t tell me until a few years ago – this knowledge would of helped my doctor with a diagnoses years earlier than I received cause it is usually genetic and my mum didn’t have it).

If you like injectables like I do you can also take a photo of your parent to your appointment and show your aesthetician to help prevent your face with aging! I haven’t done this as my dad was a rugby union star and his natural unbroken face is unknown so it wouldn’t help (however if you want to know how much I believe in all this genetic mapping I now keep a note in my phone of my entire families medical history incase something happens to me and the ER doctor can access it which I know sounds batshit insane (who knows who I inherited that from).

This is week one in the Anti-Aging Series, I know it is long but there is so much information and not enough caption space on instagram. If there is any questions about the above or you want more information on a specific topic feel free to DM, comment below or email me. I am not always there when you call but I am always online.

** I should note that all products and tips recommended have been tested by me and I wouldn’t recommend anything that I have personally tried cause that is just shady. I should also note that my skin profile (just so you know what this was all tested on) is pasty AF tone, oily skin, heavy acne scarring from my teenage years, hormonal acne (still) and prone to dehydrated patches…I am a heater and air con addict with no signs of stopping.

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