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The thing I find with blogs is that although I love them, they require you to trust which is something I clearly find really hard…like why do we trust this stranger on the internet with opinions? what makes them qualified? so before we dive into the Natural Deodorant discussion and in the spirit of being completely transparent here are some cold hard but fun facts about me –

  1. I love Hot Yoga.
  2. I am not graceful on a yoga mat; I fall often and I sweat.
  3. I actually sweat a lot.
  4. My sweat is also not graceful and not odourless.
  5. My sweat smells a lot.

So now that you know five (maybe not so) fun facts about myself and my natural body odour I am sure you can guess that for the majority of my life I have naively used Antiperspirants to clog my pores to stop me from sweating like the beast that I am and because I am extra AF, I also used a Deodorant on top of that to create an false but alluring fragrance to confuse people into thinking that I naturally smelt like a bouquet of roses…I think I really peaked during my High School post PE class change room days when I truly believed my friends would think I naturally smelt like Impulse Merely Musk (my apologies to anyone who knew me when I was fourteen).

Fast Forward to my thirty two year old beauty junkie self to when I have developed a deeper understanding of the relationship between what ingredients are in products designed for my skin and what those ingredients do to my skin and I found myself making the choice to switch to a natural deodorant…ideally free of alcohol, baking soda, parabens and aluminum. These ingredients can be linked to alzheimer’s, breast cancer, skin allergies and most importantly, those annoying yellow underarm stains on my expensive designer white tees that my thirty two year old fashion junkie self purchases now.

I have now been using Megababe Rosy Pits Natural Deodorant for over six months and I am totally converted and never going back to my previous underarm chemical ways, however, it was a transition.

For two weeks, I smelt. This happens while the pores are unclogging all the built up aluminum and the bacteria is rebalancing, there will be more bad bacteria (which causes the smell) than good bacteria so you need to give time for the rebalance to occur – annoying, but worth it.

I also got an underarm rash…again, this can happen cause of the body expelling all the built up aluminum (which is really scary when you think about how much aluminum the pores are retaining even with showering). Don’t freak out if either of these happen to you, just keep powering through and use a nappy rash cream on the rash and resist the urge to return the reliable Antiperspirant.

 I would recommend swapping during the Fall / Winter season or anytime there is no threat of a heatwave and you are unlikely to sweat a stupid amount to minimize the smell and treat your self to the ultimate self care act in giving your underarms a detox mask.

You can make the mask with (my favourite) Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and Apple Cider Vineger or Water, I use Water cause I think the vinegar will be too strong on my sensitive skin. Use One Tablespoon of the clay and mix in the liquid of your choice One Teaspoon at a time until you have a mask consistency that you like (I prefer mine thick). Leave it on your underarms for fifteen to twenty minutes and then either wash off with a cloth or jump in the shower and wash off. The Bentonite Clay in the mask should detox all the remaining aluminum from your pores and the ACV will help with balancing the bacteria so the smell should be non-existent.

After those initial two weeks of smelling gross, a miracle happened. I started to consistently use the Rosy Pits every morning and I finally started to smell like the bouquet of roses that I am…not going to lie to you but sometimes during my downward dogs I would hang out a little longer than I should just so I can sniff my armpits – it smells AMAZING!!!

Some days, when I am super active I will need to reapply (or when there is a heatwave, like there currently is in Sydney) but for the most part by body has supported by choice with fierceness and my armpits and I have not looked back.

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