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Whenever there is a new product that is getting instagram hype I am honestly so skeptical…my inner self clearly must be a fucking cynical bitch but I always automatically assume that it is just really REALLY good marketing but after seeing practically everyone I follow from the States talk about the Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask that it was an automatic ‘add to cart’ as soon as it dropped in Mecca.

I am not exaggerating when I say this, but it literally makes my skin glow. After using this the first time as an overnight mask, I was amazed at how hard this product works…I woke up with amazing (I mean truely AMAZING) skin. Normally my skin is average at best but each time I use this it is a miracle for my skin;. my acne scars are not as noticeable, my skin is uber dewy, my face is less puffy and inflamed and my skintone is more even.

It has even helped my forever single status and after my first application I was hit on (rarely happens…or at least I am rarely aware of it happening) by a twenty a year old (a twenty year old babe who clearly thought I was a decade younger than I am thanks to this magic in a tube) and I was make up free and wearing activewear (basically the worst slash least aesthetically pleasing version of myself). Seriously though, I was hit on by a babe that was over a decade younger than me…this product is pure sorcery and I am here for it.

I hadn’t used a no rinse mask before but this has me converted – it is so soothing and is jammed packed with uber hydrating ingredients like Shea Butter, Chestnut Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil and Orange Seed Oil that you want to leave it on for as long as possible. It also has Luna’s (my pomeranian) lick of approval cause everytime I use it she is all up in my face trying to lick it off and get in on the action – side note, does anyone elses dog love skincare as much as mine?

If you are wanting a creamy, easy to use mask that aids in dryness, dullness and uneven skin tone that leaves you with uber dewy skin this is the product for you. (If you put off by the price tag I would recommend going in store to Mecca to try before you buy – the staff are so great and would be more than wiling to help). Let me know what you think once you have tried in the comments.

** I should note that all products recommended have been tested by me and I wouldn’t recommend anything that I have personally tried cause that is just shady. I should also note that my skin profile (just so you know what this was all tested on) is pasty AF tone, oily skin, heavy acne scarring from my teenage years, hormonal acne (still) and prone to dehydrated patches…I am a heater and air con addict with no signs of stopping.

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