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If you have been following me on instagram for a while now you will know that I am a serious oversharer (sorry, not sorry) & if you have been following me on instagram for over a year you will know that this time last year a hairdresser destroyed my hair…I am not talking a bad cut but I am talking serious ‘Shears and Tears; a tale of the accidental mullet and a bald spot’.

It was devastating (in the caps lock sense) and for the past year I have been testing every single product available to make my hair grow faster and get back to full strength asap, some were okay, most were bad but here is the list of the best products that are not Olaplex (cause that will be the first thing suggested to you) to help you go from ‘RIP my Hair to Rapunzel’ stat.

Dizziak Deep Conditioner

I stumbled upon this product by pure accident – my unruly curly hair needed help and instagrams targeted ad’s were on point and introduced me to Dizziak (think Aphrodisiac), a new brand designed for African American Curls (get it, afro-dizziak) that need lots of love and and lots and lots of hydration. As my hair was both curly (borderline afro in it’s natural state) and blonde (naturally a dehydrating colour) and damaged this was exactly what my hair was crying for. It is jammed packed full of nourishing ingredients like Argan Oil, Quinoa Protein, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil and I started by using it as an overnight mask (put a towel down on your pillowcase while you are sleeping) before the day I know I am committing to washing my hair to really up the hydration levels in my hair and as my hair became less brittle I used it as conditioner. I recommend this product to anyone with damaged hair, anyone with curly hair or anyone that bleaches their hair. This will help and you will see results and more importantly feel the results after the first use.

System Professional Alpha Energy

This product was recommended to my by one of the best hairdressers I know and although it is expensive the results are worth it. I spray it on my head every evening that I didn’t wear a mask and especially concentrated on the areas that need the most growth (aka my bald patch) – it focuses on energizing both the hair and scalp which helps strengthen the hair you already have…even if it is weak and damaged and will also stimulate the scalp which will encourage hair growth (yayyy). In the first few months of the ‘RIP my hair’ incident of Twenty Eighteen I was using a bottle of this a month because it was seriously helping. The hairdresser that recommend this informed me that it is the salon’s most purchased product and that Men are the most common purchaser so if your man is worried about their hair suggest this because apparently it works great for them too!

System Professional Repair Liquid Hair

I am not going to lie, this product is such a pain in the butt to use – the application process is long and annoying HOWEVER it works so damn well it is worth it!! It is a treatment for your hair that you use every four to five washes (don’t overuse the product – I cannot stress this enough as it will have a reverse effect on your hair and cause more damage) it is a protein for the hair, kind of acting like a cement that helps strengthen the hair fibers. After washing your hair you need to apply the product out of the shower – you divide your hair and use the pipette to apply to each section, then you comb the product through your hair and then blow dry your hair completely dry (the heat is the bonding agent) you then need to jump back into the shower and wet your hair to remove the excess product and then let your hair dry normally or blow dry again. As someone who a. isn’t very good at blow-drying their own hair and b. loathes blow-drying their own hair this was an annoying AF process. I did do it though and worked through a half a bottle of product before I got over it (the heat of Summer and the idea of a double blow-dry really did not help this) and stopped doing it, however it is SUCH a great product that when it gets cooler I will be doing the double blow dry once a month #killme.

Elevit Pregnancy Multivitamin Tablet

Hear me out before you judge, I am honestly not sure what it is in these amazing little white pills but they are a hair growth goldmine. Every single woman I have spoken to that has been on these ends up getting such amazing hair before they end up falling pregnant (and then their hair gets even better during the pregnancy) – one of my friends who is a hairdresser polled his clients who’s hair grew the fastest and they were all taking elevit!! It might be a weird coincidence but I was willing to give it a try (I was desperate so I was trying everything and anything to be honest) and I swear it has helped my hair grow, I am not great with taking pills on the reg and often forget but you could defs see a difference on the months that I remembered to take them with my morning smoothie.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

If you have curly hair (or damaged hair but especially curly hair) you need this product in your life!! It is soooo good at reviving curls and waves which is great because I find with my hair the healthier it is, the curlier it is. Curly hair and damaged hair and bleached hair have a lot in common – they are brittle and prone to breakage and always super thirsty and need over conditioning so I wear this as an overnight mask (and I have purchased the large pump bottle because I use it nearly every second wash) but it is designed as a pre shampoo conditioner which will still work brilliantly (I do this when I am time poor and haven’t planned a hair wash). It is basically moisture on steroids for your hair cuticle and you will see the results instantly (I am talking seriously instantly – my hair looks so bouncy and shiny after every wash I use this), it also smells AMAZING which is an added bonus. I also heard a rumour that this product was originally developed for a little lady named Audrey Hepburn so anything that is okay for her is more than okay for me.

Oribe Split End Seal

The worst thing about trying to grow your hair is when you get split ends and your hairdresser suggests cutting them off “so your hair looks healthier” which is great in the health department but a huge step backwards in the length department. Enter the Oribe Split End Seal, an absolute lifesaving product for the hair that you have. It does exactly as described and seals the ends of your hair and strengthens them so you can get more time between trims. It is nourishing with a mixture of oils including Jojoba and Mirabelle Plum (which sounds extra AF) and it also has UV protection, which is essential for summer!! It is super easy to apply – you put it on the ends of your hair while wet and then blow-dry as normal! Super easy and super fast with super results…it is a little on the pricey side for the size however you only need the tiniest bit of product so it lasts a long time and works out to be very economical.

I should also note that the whole Repair range (in fact the entire range full stop) from Oribe is great and I could easily recommend the entire range in this article but it is a luxury brand and as the price reflects that I would rather offer a diverse range of options to keep my bank account happy but if you can afford the entire range (and I wish that I could) go for it, it is one of the very brands that you get what you pay for – your hair will be in great hands and will smell freaking incredible and I will be insanely jealous of your shine and bounce.

Tangle Teezer

The tools that you use on your hair as just as important as the products you use on your hair. The Tangle Teezer was the best investment I have made – it is so much more gentle on your compared to a regular brush especially when your hair is wet and at its weakest. It detangles and smoothes which prevents breakage (and frizziness – uh huhhh honeyyy). It is a really cheap product and lasts and lasts, I bought my first one in Twenty Thirteen and because I used mine a bit too close to the hair dryer and it melted I had to replace last year (but I have one in my car and handbag for emergencies they are THAT good and they are all so pretty I couldn’t pick which design I liked best). I know it is an annoying purchase especially when you already own other really expensive brushes (I’m looking at you R+Co and Kevin Murphy) but this is a must have when you are trying to get more length.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Shampoo and Mask

The Christophe Robin Regenerating range contains Prickly Pear Oil, which is one of my most favourite and one the most underrated oils available (along with Rice Bran Oil). This oil packs loads of antioxidants that regenerate and repair (aka strengthen) the cuticle and this range smells amazing and feels great in the hair. The only negative that I have experienced with this product is that it is super popular and is usually sold out at Sephora and Adore Beauty so sign up for restock notifications. As I may have mentioned before I have curly slash bleached hair and it needs A LOT of hydration so I swap my conditioner for a mask to give my hair some extra love which is why it is linked instead of a traditional conditioner. If you have super dry hair I would recommend trying this however if you have fine hair this might be too much and leave your hair feeling greasy, a conditioner works just as great but I find the mask works better for me.

OUAI Haircare Air Dry Foam

“Stop using heat on your hair” is the advice you will first hear from everyone and I mean EVERYONE when you discuss how to get your hair to grow longer (or get healthier or anything in general really), the general consensus is that heat on hair is basically the devil. Now I am the first to admit that ‘my name is Brie and I am a GHD and Hair Dryer addict’ so this suggestion sent me into a full blown panic attack buttttt considering how desperate I was to get my hair back to pre-RIP my hair incident I knew I had to give up the heat so I did my research and found that this was the best product to help with a natural Air Dry.  It is easy to apply – I use three to four pumps and scrunch it through my hair to help aid the curl and it does speed up the drying process while keeping frizz to a minimum (I still did experience some frizz on humid AF days but I don’t think any product would help on those kind of days. It smells lovely, the packaging is chic and it does exactly what it is meant to and it doesn’t break the bank which is music to my ears! I also accepted that for a solid twelve to sixteen months I would be wearing my hair up and relying on scrunchies more than I ever have before which made the transition from styled to natural a lot easier…now that my hair is long and so SO close to been back to how it was pre-incident I actually still wear my hair natural on some days cause I have learned to like the look with this product.

** I should note that all products recommended have been tested by me and I wouldn’t recommend anything that I have personally tried cause that is just shady. I should also note that my hair profile (just so you know what this was all tested on) is curly AF but has been ghd’ed for the past decade so is more manageable now, blonde AF (cause everyone knows natural redheads are crazy and I need to keep my secrets) by a bi-monthly scalp bleach so super dehydrated and damaged AF (but recovering well in rehab) after a brutal hairdresser mishap from February 2018.

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