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When Mrs Wormwood snarks to Ms. Honey, “you chose books, I chose looks” in Matilda I remember my six year old self thinking but why do you have to choose, why can’t you have both. Fast forward a couple of decades later and it turned out that masking while reading is one of my favourite ways to chill the fuck out, it turns out multitasking (and multimasking) is smart…which maybe Mrs Wormwood would of figured out if she had read more books?

Living by the motto, Sharing is Caring here is a review of my February and March reads…because honestly, weekends have been for work and not play the last two months and reading hours were fewer than I would of liked.

Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee

This was such a rollercoaster…so much sadness scattered between laughs! I can honestly say I had no idea that there are so many sex crimes against children in Australia, it actually breaks my heart. If you are a parent please PLEASE read these…it will open your eyes. I started reading the paperback version of this and after a few chapters decided I needed to listen to it on Audible instead cause the words would be more powerful coming from Bri Lee herself and I am so glad I switched, her distinctive Australian accent made her recount warm and personal but hearing her say Bri often made me think it was about me (but it was better than seeing it in writing…I mean Bri Lee is so close to Briellen)

I must confess that I was hooked reading this, the behind the scenes of the legal system were enthralling and hearing about so many cases and the triumphs of the guilty verdicts mixed with the heart breaking not guilty verdicts and the judges experience would of made for an awesome book on it’s own sans the author’s personal experience. As the daughter of a Defence lawyer my own personal upbringing changed the way I interacted with the book when the author started to discuss her own case…I automatically went into defence mode and realised my mum has accidentally raised someone who believes everyone deserves a good defence and picked holes in everything she was saying (which is AWFUL cause she is a VICTIM and you should ALWAYS believe and SUPPORT victims) but alas all those afternoons helping out in mums office after work has rubbed off and here I am, defending and finding her lack of understanding about the legal system (that she worked in) irritating and her views of the police too harsh and her assumption that the reader was kinda stupid by over explaining everything (even the metaphors) really annoying. I should of stopped reading once her Judges Associate role had ended however my finding the ending a bit whiney aside, this book will impact you and after reading you will never be able to look at a hills hoist the same.

Bored and Brilliant; How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self by Manoush Zomorodi

My name is Brie and I am an iPhone addict…between Instagram, emails, blogging and my stupid daily addiction to completing the NYT crossword puzzle (I am a Monday puzzle Champion) my hand feels lost without my phone in it. So after watching Manoush Zomorodi’s Ted Talk and been so inspired I order her book and jumped right into it when it arrived and it was an eye opener.

Who knew that boredom and the ‘default mode’ of the brain was SO important! The book delves into how the brain works and honestly, the Gemini in me was frothing with all this information. As a creative person I am all about the daydreaming and ideas so I made such an effort to complete all the challenges in the book…some were easy and some were hard…like really really hard. After completing two weeks ago I can say I have deleted half the amount of apps I have, I rarely check Facebook, I am about to delete Twitter (and honestly the only reason I haven’t done it already is because I never go on anymore) and I deleted ALL my notifications. It is LIBERATING!!

I never realised how reactive I was to my phone and my three greatest takeaways from this book slash challenge are….

  1. The only people that refer to their customers as ‘users’ are drug dealers and technologists #instagramreallyiscrack
  2. My phone should be my Personal Assistant or Secretary and help my daily life not be the boss and dictate when to reply with mass notifications.
  3. Although in theory it sounds great to not take your phone with you when you travel, the day I did it I chose to leave my phone at home so I wouldn’t be tempted and it was a disaster – if you are female never leave home without your phone!!! I was stalked by this guy who walked with me and had no way of ignoring him or a safety blanket of calling someone and had to hide out in a building until he left

If you liked the TED Talk or if you are also addicted to your phone like I am I would one hundred percent recommend reading this and doing the challenge (ps – I totally cheated the deleting the app stage, I honestly could not delete instagram!!!) I defs am happier and pick up my phone significantly less but am still working on getting my daily screen time down (I have now put a time on my apps so when I go over an hour each day I am locked out….which is annoying, but it is helping) but boredom is much more welcome in my life now.

Also, a side note for readers slash listeners (I guess) who enjoy Audible and listening along as your read and enjoy listening to books when you drive like I do…I have just discovered the Audible Daily Deal and it is a game changer – you can either log on each day and discover the daily book or sign up for the emails (I defs opted in for the email so I don’t forget) and you get offered an audio book for a stupidly cheap amount (think $2.99 a book) I don’t buy many but for such a bargain it has offered me the opportunity to try books I would normally purchase cause of the cheaper rate and my library is now queued ridiculously but I am loving it!!

Also, if you haven’t tried Audible..GET! IN! VOLVED! – your first book is free and you can subscribe for $15 a month and you get a book a month (plus the daily deal offer) It will honestly change your autobiographical reading experience! It is so powerful to hear words from the person who wrote them in the tone and volume the person writing them wanted them conveyed in. I am honestly OBSESSED!!!

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