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When Mrs Wormwood snarks to Ms. Honey, “you chose books, I chose looks” in Matilda I remember my six year old self thinking but why do you have to choose, why can’t you have both. Fast forward a couple of decades later and it turned out that masking while reading is one of my favourite ways to chill the fuck out, it turns out multitasking (and multimasking) is smart…which maybe Mrs Wormwood would of figured out if she had read more books?

Living by the motto, Sharing is Caring here is a review of my January reads.

Shrill by Lindy West – Confession, for autobiographies I like to download the Audible book and read along with the author cause I feel like it is more personal and this is EXACTLY what I did reading this book and EXACTLY why when I finished I was under the delusion that Lindy and I were besties. This book is so important for all women to read, it is warm, smart, brutally honest and hilarious which is a reflection of Lindy’s sassy and outspoken personality. She argues womens rights through tales of her own experiences, some heartbreaking, some intensely private and all relatable.

This Will Only Hurt A Little by Busy Phillips – No surprises here, but I also read this while listening to the audiobook and Busy’s impersonation of her mum is amazing and had me crying with laughter. I have been a Busy Phillips fan since the Dawson’s Creek days (Audrey Liddell for life) and was so excited that Busy decided to release her book, really hoping to hear not only all about her life but also all the behind the scenes goss on one of my fav teen dramas!! Sadly, the Dawson’s chapter is kinda low key, I mean I already know that Michelle Williams is an IRL angel but it did remind me that Chris Klein and Katie Holmes use to date (tbh, it reminded me that Chris Klein even existed…seriously, remember Chris Klein?!) and it was super cute to find out that Chad Michael Murray is actually the nicest human being. Besides from my reliving all my teen crush drama (Pacey Witter for life) this book is fantastic and a rollercoaster of emotion, I laughed, I cried and my heart broke over and over again for her. Busy is super relatable (which I wasn’t expecting considering her celeb status) and it is reassuring to know that fame and fortune and everything that I thought would lead to a blissful, stress free, dream life isn’t reality and Busy’s book is cemented in reality.

Not That Bad, Dispatches from Rape Culture by Roxane Gay – this is brutal and devastating and hard to read but a must read. Rape is still so prevalent and unspoken and I think it is so important for books like this to be published and read so that people realise not only how common it is but the impact that it has on victims (and their families) lives. I cried a lot reading this and need several timeouts but it was one of the most important books I have ever read. ‘All The Angry Women’ by Lyz Lenz was a stand out chapter for me and has changed the way I perceive anger – it is now an emotion I welcome, I description I welcome and something I proudly describe my friends as.

Normal People by Sally Rooney – this was recommended to me by multiple people and after finishing the book in a day I can see why. It is a super cute tale of a two Irish teenagers who grow together through high school, uni and beyond. It is sweet and so well written that you don’t want to put it down. The characters are flawed but so endearing you only hope for the best for them. If you are after an easy quick read this is the perfect escape.

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