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Prone to Present Procrastination?

As a self confessed gifting expert my gift to you in this curated holiday season guide….so grab yourself a margz (or three), start scrolling, shopping & stimulate the economy #notallheroeswearcapes

Side note – I (unlike every other wannabe fashion blogger on the internet) do not make money from this or earn a commission from the links so these are all genuine recs x

  1. Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro (reduces wrinkles AND acne…this was designed for my thirty something adult acne problematic skin)

2. Aesop Resurrection Hand Purifying Duet (soap for Christmas is actually a HUGE twenty twenty mood)

3. NuFace Trinity Device (I have this and can honestly say it gives me the cheek definition my genes did not….but you have to use it consistently or else it isn’t worth it….it is also often mistaken for a vibrator which I love cause making people feel uncomfortable is my hobby)

4. Hermes Lipstick (I am seriously hoping that Santa has one of these under the tree for meeeee…I haven’t tried it yet but the packaging alone is seriously STUN)

rouge hermes rouge piment

5. Officine Universelle Buly Huile Antique Berkane Orange Blossom Dry Body Oil (luxe body oil that it ultra hydrating without leaving the skin feeling tacky during the day…or ruining your sheets at night)

Officine Universelle Buly - HUILE ANTIQUE FLEUR D GLASS

6. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Treatment (natural curls and unnatural blondes will LOVE this – it is hair care sorcery when worn as an overnight mask mixed with a hair oil or serum)

7. 111SKIN Master Masking Planner (elevate that sunday self care routine with this boujie range of sheet masks)

8. Psychic Sisters Rose Quartz Eye Mask (spirituality and skincare is the duo I never knew I needed)

9. Ultra Violette Mini Screen Collection (cause saving someones skin cells from trauma is priceless)

10. Dyson Corrale Set (another personal wishlist item)

11. Byredo Handcream (the most luxe hand cream I have ever used…this scent has me seriously reconsidering my signature scent that I have not strayed from since two thousand and five)

Picture of Byredo 1996 Hand cream 30 ml

12. Drunk Elephant The Littles 4.0 (perfect for any giftee who likes to commit to the whole range from a brand whilst been budget friendly for the gifter)

Drunk Elephant - The Littles 4.0

13. Chanel Le Lift Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitalizer (this will make anyone look as tho they get ten hours sleep every night)

14. Le Labo Santal 33 (I have never met anyone who didn’t like this scent)

15. Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask (self care sunday for those who don’t fuck with sheet masks)

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