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Prone to Present Procrastination?

As a self confessed gifting expert my gift to you in this curated holiday season guide….so grab yourself a margz (or three), start scrolling, shopping & stimulate the economy #notallheroeswearcapes

Side note – I (unlike every other wannabe fashion blogger on the internet) do not make money from this or earn a commission from the links so these are all genuine recs x

1.Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project Books (indigenous language book designed for kids but loved by thirty something me too…you can also listen along in English and Noongar online here – Noongar is an endangered language and all stories are tales from the First People)

2. Flower Press Kit (word on the primary school street is that this is the gift of the season)

3. Skinnydip Spongebob Disposable Camera (some old school cool which I love gifting my nieces & nephews cause it is awesome seeing the world through their eyes and they get an early intro to art)

4. Crayola Air Dry Clay (for all the cool creative kids…and adults. My broke ass has one hundred percent made vases with the white clay too)

Crayola Air Dry Clay 2.5lb Tub

5. Mini Melissa Ultragirl Sunny Rainbow Shoes (functional and chic….name a better duo)

Mini Melissa - Ultragirl Sunny Day

6. La Terre Press Zodiac Prints (Cute AF art that is introducing micros to their budding personality while supporting a locally designed and made product. Take. My. Money.)

7. Gro-To Kids Bath and Body Set (elevate their sunday night self care routine)

8. Sophia Webster Butterfly Jelly Sandals (do they make these in adult sizes too cause these are chic AF for summer)

Sophia Webster - Butterfly Jelly Sandals - Kids

9. Lauvely Space Princess Doll (strong Leia vibes and they are super soft which is perfect for all kids, even newborns….also a small business)


10. Juno Valentine & The Fantastic Fashion Adventure by Eva Chen

From Eva Chens Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes Illustrated by Derek Desierto

11. Mickey’s Vacation House Duplo (or any duplo set tbh…who doesn’t love building shit)

12. Raspberry Plum Clothing (personality packed wardrobe additions)

13. Ray Ban Junior (slip, slop, slap…but make it fashion)

Ray-Ban Kids Aviator Sunglasses (Matte Gold/Lilac) | CONDEMNED TO BE FREE

14. Adidas Yeezy Kids (chic & comfortable AF…they are seriously like walking on like clouds designed perfectly for each foot, go up a size tho cause they run on the smaller side)

Image 2 of Adidas Yeezy Kids Yeezy slides

15. Tressy Club Clothing (graphic girls clothing that is effortlessly cool)

Tressy Club
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