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Prone to Present Procrastination?

As a self confessed gifting expert my gift to you in this curated holiday season guide….so grab yourself a margz (or three), start scrolling, shopping & stimulate the economy #notallheroeswearcapes

Side note – I (unlike every other wannabe fashion blogger on the internet) do not make money from this or earn a commission from the links so these are all genuine recs x

  1. Jonathan Adler Vice Canister Prozac (it’s always time for a prozac)

2. Sage and Clare Tula Nudie Bath Mat

3. Mondri Vase

Mondri Vase in color Primary

4. Aesop Resurrection Hand Purifying Duet (soap for Christmas is actually a HUGE twenty twenty mood)

5. Lumira Tonic of Gin Candle (unique scents suit unique people)

6. Missoni Bath Sheet (true luxury is quality sheets and towels…and these are cool AF with a strong graphic edge)

7. Aesop Brass Oil Burner (this is easily the chicest oil burner I have ever seen)

8. Anissa Kermiche Love Handles Vase (I will one of everything from this brand please)

Love Handle Vase White Matte ceramic – Maison Muguet

9. Diptyque Set of 5 Mini Candles (great option for anyone because it is a sampler and you don’t need to pick their taste in scents)

diptyque - Set of 5 Mini Candles

10. Billie Justice Thomson Prints (these look great as artwork in a kitchen, dining room, bar area)

11. Marble Silk Pillowcases (I bought this for my hair but I use it every night for the amazing sleep….I swear it keeps you cool in summer)

Black marble silk pillowcases

12. Cire Trudon La Promeneuse Tealit Diffusing Lantern

13. La Terre Press Zodiac Prints (Cute AF art that is introducing micros to their budding personality while supporting a locally designed and made product. Take. My. Money.)

14. David Jones Spirit of Giving Oval Platter (hot tip – buy this in store, I order one online and it arrived broken…clearly very fragile and not Australia Post friendly)

Spirit of Giving Oval Platter

15. Zo Personalised Glassware (Australian business and personalised anything = personal #buylocal)

16. Bally Poster (these look so good in any space)

Bally Blond Framed Print
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