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Fuckbois are the bane of every single millennial woman’s existence, they are handsome, charismatic, easy to fall for and will easily use you once and then ghost the shit out of you and never be seen again and unfortunately they are flooding the dating pool at a super rapid rate that the men that are gems (you know, the kind, smart, hilarious ones) are becoming harder and harder to find.

My escape from these modern dating world woes is fashion, it is not only my career but it is, my one true love. I love the individuality it creates, the confidence it creates and the culture it creates but recently I have noticed that the fashion world is getting flooded at a super rapid rate and now mass produced, polyester blends are everywhere and it is getting hard to find the clothes that are true design gems and not to sound too much like Carrie Bradshaw but I couldn’t help but wonder is Fast Fashion the Fuckboiz of the Fashion World?

With brands like Zara, Boohoo, Fashion Nova and Missguided dropping new styles weekly that are beautiful, featuring trends straight from the runway (or the latest celeb instagram post) and great for not only work but also, that four thousandth wedding you have this weekend, they are super alluring. Especially when matched with an equally beautiful price tag that makes me question how they could possibly afford to sell a garment for that cheap and make the profits that they do it is easy to fall into a trap of purchasing new wardrobe additions on the regular and creating a wardrobe crisis that not even Marie Kondo could easily fix.

High volume and high turnover equals high competition so it is easy for shoppers to get lost in all the options in store and online. There is literally everything and anything you could want, mini’s, maxi’s, midi’s in every colourway and print option imaginable – you are basically swiping right to everything. The lust for the newness is real too. Just like when you first meet that cute new guy at the bar, you ignore all the negatives and just see cuteness and potential and that is what the instore and online experience is like – lighting designed to highlight the good (product) and the bad (you in change rooms so you will want to buy more clothes to look better), music selected to distract you and relax so you are more easily persuaded to purchase, data collated on your wishlists so the company can drive more product your way that they know you will want. This is the flirting stage. The stage where we should all know better but we don’t. We fall for them. The badass but beautiful babe and the badly made but beautiful dress.

These garments, I hesitate calling them designs as they are usually copies of the Ready To Wear runways are so budget friendly that many a customer is happy to purchase and wear even if the fabric is cheap and not environmentally friendly (cc – polyester and microplastics) and even if it is not human friendly (bcc – the sweatshops in mostly third world countries that are just oversupplying products for first world countries)* and even if the garment is created in such a way that there is no longevity and it will break after a few wears…why do people invest their time and our money into things that we know will let us down in the end? This is the stage where we think this time it will be different, the stage where we think we can change them and that history won’t repeat itself. This is the point when we get in deep. We commit.

And for me, when I commit, I really commit. I am invested, I bought the dream outfit, I bought the dream that this might be a great guy. I treat them well, I take care of them, I go above and beyond to help them both out – I give them lifts, I buy cute accessories but in the end, I get ghosted. The guy gets what he wants and bails and the garment does what it was meant to and lasts the no returns period but by then the pilling has started, the threads are starting to come loose, it is loosing shape with every wash and the colour is not holding and it looks older than it is…the garment is slowly but surely bailing on me and ultimately the only place it is good for now it the rubbish (it isn’t even good enough for a thrift store donation).

Fashion just fuckboi-ed me.

So, why is it that we collectively complain about fuckboiz wasting our time over several spicy margaritas and yet we don’t complain about fast fashion not only wasting our time but also our money and our environment too?

*we have to bcc this point as ignorance is bliss and why would you want to see the living conditions of someone earning $2 to make your $10 tee when you could just concentrate on the great value of your $10 tee.

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