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A sneak peak into the who slash what slash wear that is influencing us this month.


Mustard – is it just me or is Mustard making a huge comeback at the moment? I know yellow is here for the year but I am so drawn to mustard pieces specifically which is a real inconvenience since mustard tends to make me look as tho I am seriously ill (#pastyskinproblems) but the heart wants what it wants….and this PE Nation jacket is top of the Mustard want list right now (with the matching crop and leggings cause we all know I live for a co-ord)

Facemasks – I am probs a bit bias since I am selling facemasks at the moment but I am only selling them cause we are in the middle of a global fucking pandemic so facemasks should be a daily accessory until we have a vaccine (anti-vaxers please do not @ me) but we can still make it fashion with options by Erderm, Rag & Bone, Good American, Lele Sadoughi, Susan Alexandra and would I even be a millennial if I wasn’t all about the self promotion and include my label, briellĂ©ns (which is the most fun in my not so humble opinion. Hot tip – check out the leather lips and the Balenciaga chain print)

Yeezy – The Gap collab, a new album and my isolation period had me personally addicted to buying all things Yeezy from resale sites (check me in my slides and Calabasas sweats later this month once they have arrived) feels as tho Ye will be making a huge impact across all industries this month. #yeezytaughtme


Lit Pics – My forever growing ‘to read’ pile as been put on pause to make way for all the books I ordered last month during the Black Lives Matter protests…I (like the thousands of other basic white bitches out there) realised that I wasn’t doing enough, learning enough, being proactive enough so reading about racism & black lives is at the forefront this month so #showusyourlitpics, study up and stand the fuck up for equality.

Bold Lips – I am not normally one to wear lipstick when I am hanging out at home (pre covid me thought it was a waste of good product) however now that I can’t wear my bold lip outdoors (cause I am a responsible mask wearing citizen, duhhhhh) I am all about the bold lip with my activewear especially this Nars Powermatte and this Kylie Cosmetics is on my to buy list (cause a. it’s on sale and b. the name is the best)

Seletti – My ideal design aesthetic treads a fine line between kitsch and cool and I find anything Seletti always lands in that sweet spot that is just right. I am (like everyone) currently at home a lot more than normal so my inner interior designer is going insane with project planning and I am currently obsessed with these printed mirrors and am buying as many as I can so that I can paint and decorate and if a sugar daddy out there wants to buy me one or two of these arm chairs I would be totally grateful.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends – I have said it one thousand times on instagram, and I will say it again here….this podcast is THE BEST and if you haven’t listened to it already stop reading and start downloading!! Zach and Donald are fucking hilarious and rewatching Scrubs is such a blast from the past and an awesome reminder as to how funny and before its time the show really was. This is my favourite podcast to listen to while I work at home cause I laugh so much when listening and no one can judge my hyena laughter.

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